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GDB & Reversing Notes


	git clone https://github.com/longld/peda.git ~/peda; echo "source ~/peda/peda.py" >> ~/.gdbinit

GDB Commands

b main

	Break when the program enters main()

info functions

	List functions within binary


	lists the first 50 instructions of a function.

b *0x4006f3

	create breakpoint at memory address




	invokes ruby "pattern_create" module

Set Arguments

	set args $(python -c 'print("\x41"*120')

Set Environment Variable

	set env $(python -c 'print("\x41"*120')

View Core Dump in GDB

	gdb -q -c core

Change from ATT to Intel Syntax

	set disassembly-flavor intel

Dump Assembly Instructions of the function

	diass <function>

Pause execution when the function given is reached

	break <function>

Print contents of a Register and Other Variables

	print $eip

Examine memory locations

	x/<int>i <mem-address>; x/20i 0x8048248

Print Contents and State of Registers and Other Variables

	info registers

Continue Execution after Breakpoint

	c (or continue)

Step One Instruction


Print the REturn Pointers Back to Callers as Part of Call Chain

Create Break Point At Address

	break *0x07048524

Run GDB with No Extensions

	gdb --nex ./file

List all Functions

	info func

Clear Out Arguments

	set args

Run with Arguments

	run AAAA

Examine Argument at EIP

	x/i $eip

Read a String in Memory (at address at EAX)

	x/s $eax

See Contents of a Single Register

	info reg eax

See Call Stack / Function Backtrace (and see return addresses on the stackx)


Change assembly Syntax Used

	set disassembly-flavor {intel,att}

List Breakpoints

	info breakpoints

Delete a Breakpoints

	del breakpoint 

View 10 words in hex at a memory location

	x/10wx 0xdeadbeef

Breakpoint on a Relative Memory location

	break *main+39

Examine next 16 instructions

	x/16i $eip

Custom Arguments

	run `python -c 'print("foobar")'`

Custom Input

	run <<(python -c 'print("AAAA")')

Turn on Core dumps

	ulimit -c unlimited

Read a core dump gdb --core=core

Read memory addresses Surrounding ESP

	x/40wx $esp-0x268

Find memory address of LibC function

	print system

Set a Relative Breakpoint to a Function

	break * functionname+60


Disassemble a File

	objdump -d

Display Section Headers

	objdump -h

Specify a Section

	objdump -j <section name>

Display Dynamic Relocation Records (GOT addresses)

	objdump -R


readelf -a ./password


Note: PEDA turns off ASLR when starting a program. Has ROP gadget finders

Find PEDA help

	help peda

Find all references to a function

	xrefs <funciton>

Create a unique shellcode pattern

	pattern_create 300

Look for all JMPs or Calls


Convert hex to ASCII

	print (char []) 0x24424142

Find offset of Buffer

	pattern_offset BAB$


	Calling a program with its shortened path vs full path changes the memory alignment of a program.  

Turn ASLR On

	ASLR on

Search Memory for a Strin

	searchmem BBBBBBB